Tobacco Info


Tobacco Info No. 1

June 2010


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OCAT and contraband (pp1-2):

Ontario drug and mental health survey

Contraband statistics from RCMP


Ouellet (pp4-5):

Ouellet’s study (English version):
(French version):

Critique of Ouellet’s study by the Analysis Group (Crémieux, Ouellette, Pinheiro and Van Audenrode – in French)

Critique of J.-F. Ouellet by economist Emmanuel Guindon from McMaster University

Non-Smokers Rights Association response to study


Farming (p6):

Physicians for a Smoke-free Canada press release

Tobacco is still being grown in Ontario

Advance Payments Program


Litigation (pp8-9):

Litigation information across Canada


Imperial Tobacco documents (pp10-11):

Uncovering the science that Imperial Tobacco Canada sought to conceal


OTRU (pp11-12):

Smoking and immigrant children

Breast cancer and smoking study

Secondhand smoke and children

Industry research affects results

Smoking and Advertising


Montreal Conference (pp12-13):

Campaign for moratorium on new tobacco products by PSC

Link between smoking and breast cancer

PSC campaign for a moratorium on new tobacco products

6th National conference on smoking and health website


Codependence (p14):

Swiss study

Prochaska, Delucchi and Hall study:

Maison L’Alcôve, in St-Hyacinthe (in French)  


Dr. Bourque (p15):

Open letter by Dr. Martin Juneau sent to the Journal de Montréal and La Presse,  and published on his blog (in French)


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