Tobacco Info


Tobacco Info No. 10

August 2012


Harper government guts Federal Tobacco Control Strategy

Health Canada’s press release on the FTCS cuts:

The federal government website page outlining the FTCS:

Press release from the Heart & Stroke Foundation:

Press release from the Canadian Cancer Society:

Press release from the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association:

Press release from Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada

Quebec’s $27B lawsuit opens floodgates of tobacco industry documents

The trial’s online database of documents entered into evidence:

Cynthia Callard
s Eye on the Trials blog:

Legal filings for the cancer and emphysema class action on the website of the plaintiffs’ law firm, Lauzon Bélanger Lespérance:

Legal filings for the addiction class action on the website of the plaintiffs’ law firm, Trudel & Johnston:

Waterpipe Forum addresses dangers of hookah use

The NSRA’s final report on the Waterpipe Forum:

NSRA report, “Waterpipe Smoking in Canada: New Trend, Old Tradition”:

The 15th World Conference celebrates Australia’s plain packaging and explores endgame ideas

WCTOH 2012 website:

Australian timeline of events relating to plain packaging:

Cigarette Citadels Mapping Project:

Article 5.3 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control:

Bloomberg Initiative tobacco control grants:

4th edition of The Tobacco Atlas

The Tobacco Atlas online:

Press release on the release of
The Tobacco Atlas:

Review of new studies by the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit

The latest abstracts on new research:

Risk of blindness from smoking highlighted by graphic image of eyes pried open

Health Canada’
s information on smoking and macular degeneration:

World Cancer Congress

UICC World Cancer Congress home page:

Brazil bans tobacco additives

Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada on the Brazilian ban:

Campaign for tobacco-free kids update on the Brazilian ban:

New host for GLOBALink

GLOBALink’s home page:

National Heart Forum website:

20,100 deaths by lung cancer

Canadian Cancer Society report on cancer statistics:

Quebec launches $60 billion lawsuit

Globe & Mail article:

Manitoba passes legislation to allow for lawsuit against tobacco companies:,index.html?item=14412

Saskatchewan passes legislation to allow for lawsuit against tobacco companies:

Larger graphic health warnings hitting the shelves

Images and information on Health Canada’s new graphic warnings:

Department of Justice details the updated Tobacco Products Labelling Regulations

Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada on picture based cigarette warnings:


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