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Tobacco Info No. 6

July 2011


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Federal Tobacco Control Strategy

Conservative party official website:

Federal Tobacco Control Strategy Health Canada:

Andre Picard’s article in the Globe and Mail:

Parliament passes tobacco regulations:


National Conference on Tobacco or Health

Official website:

Montreal conference article from Tobacco Info:


Provincial strategies

News release:

TSAG Report:,+2011&hl=en&gl=ca&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgiLn7hYLexXfJkCn8Dx8bg4SQBa-Ky3f3xnRuzmy8i69MZDwlifXteWvM9B_uTxrk3GhXTxQIPnW3JfzRP-qMdFenp4n_htId_xcUTIkq3b83RWViUToXYcNGho_seYdfdRc0W&sig=AHIEtbSneFuQF_n-ZStfiNEwTSfma1S8dw

Ontario strategy website:

Nova Scotia website:

BC official website:

Saskatchewan official website:



Tobacco Control magazine supplement online:

FDA website on menthol:



Industry threatens to flood market, article:

Article on Australia’s plain-packaging proposal:


FDA quasi-moratorium

FDA press release:



Current abstracts:


Tobacco taxes upped

NB :





New Canadian Health Warnings

Tabled and adopted:

Tobacco Info article, history:

CCS statistics:

NSRA smoke-free campus:

Federal tobacco tax stamps:


Cigarillo study

Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control study (in French):

Statistics Institute of Quebec study (in French):

Prime Minister’s declaration on cigarillos and youth :


Front groups

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australian Retailers Alliance article

Americans for non-smokers’ rights, National Smokers’ Alliance exposed

WHO, Tobacco industry interference with tobacco control

Non-Smokers’ Rights Association and Smoking and Health Action Foundation, Exposing recent tobacco industry front groups and alliances

Non-Smokers’ Rights Association, Canadian Convenience Stores Association and the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco: Independent organizations or groups fronting for Big Tobacco?




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