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Tobacco Info No. 7

October 2011


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Big Tobacco Sues First Nations manufacturers

Gazette story:

APTN Video:

Imperial Tobacco press release:$FILE/medMD8J4QBW.pdf?openelement

Backgrounder report on Ontario lawsuit vs. Big Tobacco:


Smoking prevalence stagnates:

Pages from Statistics Canada website about the prevalence of smoking according to the Canadian Community Heath Survey:


A very comprehensive website about Tobacco Litigation in Canada, built by Physicians for a Smoke-free Canada:




European Journal of Epidemiology study, April 2010:

American Journal of Public Health, 1993:

Journal of the American Medical Association, 2007:

Patasi and Hall study; Diabetes: 2010:

Oxford Journal’s Toxicological Studies, 2008:

Canadian Diabetes Association website:


Cigarette makers go to trial in Quebec:

A site about the class action led by the Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health (in French)


Patriotism as a selling point:

YCM magazine:

NSRA arguments on plain packaging:


Iceland considers prescriptions cigs:

News reports:


Package colours change perceptions of risk:

Tobacco Control study, March 2002:

Pirouz study:


OTRU Abstracts:

Australia’s plain packaging push:

ASH’s report:


The Inuit Tobacco-free Network:

Nunavut quit line:



Ottawa not responsible:

Alberta’s Vote for Health:

NS and Manitoba target industry:

FDA releases warnings:

UN meeting on NCDs:

WHO launches global report:

BAT pays for inhaler: