Tobacco Info


Tobacco Info No. 8

January 2012




7th National Conference on Tobacco or Health:


More info on FTCS:


More info on WHO-FCTC:


Campaign for tobacco-free kids:


Alberta’s Action on Smoking & Health:


Physician’s for a Smoke-free Canada:



Retail Density:


NSRA - Melodie Tilson’s full report:





Smoking prevalence stalled in 2010:


Canadian Tobacco Usage Monitoring Survey, 2010 annual results:


Cigarillo suppliers sidestepping the Cracking Down on Tobacco Marketing aimed at Youth Act of 2009:  (+ hyperlinks)


Advertisement for little cigars published in Your Convenience Manager, March-April 2007:


Retailer compliance evaluation:



Number of taxed cigarettes sold in Canada surged by 10.6 % in 2010


Health Canada data:


Philip Morris International annual report for 2010:


British American Tobacco annual report for 2010:



United Nations and NCDs


NCD Alliance:


UN website on high level meeting on NCDs:


WHO page on NCDs:


More info on WHO-FCTC:



Freedom of Information:


Freedom of Information ACT in UK:


Canadian government Access to Information:


ASH report: The smoke filed room:




Australia plain-packaging:


Tobacco suing:


Australian government’s website – Royal Assent:



OTRU Abstracts:



Briefs :


Alberta dumps tobacco stocks :


BC Helps smokers quit:


All provinces against big tobacco:

Saskatchewan press release:


Ottawa conference:


National Non-Smoking Week:


New pics on packs, Canada Gazette part 2:




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