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Tobacco Info No. 6, July 2011 

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No. 6, July 2011.

(16 pages, 1.5 Mo)


One year renewal of Federal Tobacco Control Strategy

Will tobacco be a priority with this Conservative majority government? (p1-3);


Industry behind advocacy groups

Is big tobacco still paying for lip service?

A 1990s tactic that continues today (p3-4);


New study from the Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control

Flavoured cigars don’t measure up

Half of flavoured cigars don’t meet the legal weight requirements



The 7th National Conference on Tobacco or Health
set for Toronto


Strengthening provincial smoking strategies

Ontario takes steps to improve Smoke-Free initiative (p8-9);


Minty fresh cancer sticks

Menthol disguises harsh taste, makes it easier to smoke and harder to quit (p10-11);

Plain olive-brown packages for Australia (p12);

FDA introduces quasi-moratorium on new tobacco products

New or certain existing products will require equivalency reviews (p13);

Study review by the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (p14);


Briefs (p15-16)

Tobacco taxes upped

New Canadian health warnings

CCS releases statistics for 2011

Smoke-free campus

New stamps on packs



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