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Tobacco Info No. 7, October 2011 

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Big Tobacco sues 18 First Nations’ cigarette factories

Native manufacturers should collect taxes and be held accountable for health costs (p1-2);


5.9 million Canadians aged 12 years and older smoke

Smoking prevalence stagnates (p3-4);


Studies confirm smoking and second-hand smoke are risk factors for type 2 diabetes (p4-5);


Class action lawsuit over tobacco industry practices

March 2012: Canadian cigarette makers will finally go to trial in Quebec Superior Court (p6-7);


Patriotism as a selling point
National cigarettes could violate the Tobacco Act (p8);

“Take two cigarettes and call me in the morning”

Iceland considers prescription-only cigarettes (p9);


Colour me a safer smoker?
Study shows pack colours change perceptions of risk (p10);

Abstracts review by the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (p11);

Australia pushing plain packaging (p12);

More than half of Inuit are smoking daily
The Inuit Tobacco-free Network has a tough road ahead (p13);


Briefs (p15-16)

Ottawa not responsible

Alberta’s Vote for Health

NS and Manitoba target industry

FDA releases graphic warnings

United Nations meeting on NCDs

WHO launches global report

BAT pays for rights to inhaler.


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