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Tobacco Info No. 8, January 2012 

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7th National Conference on Tobacco or Health held in Toronto last November

Federal Tobacco Control Strategy renewal first priority (p1-3);


Reforming the retail landscape

Reducing the availability of tobacco (p4-5)


Smoking prevalence stalled in 2010 (p6)
CTUMS reveals the same general trend as CCHS, but sheds more light


After a 12-year decline, growth for the second year in a row

Number of taxed cigarettes sold in Canada surged by 10.6% in 2010 (p7)

Sales volume grew by 14.8% over two years


United Nations acknowledges pandemic of non-communicable diseases (p8-11)

Tobacco use one of four major risk factors


Nova Scotia’s chief public health officer

Dr. Robert Strang honoured by the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association (p11)


Freedom of Information laws used to fight tobacco legislation

Industry giants make requests to obtain confidential government research (p12-13)


Australia mandates plain packaging for tobacco products (p13)


Abstracts review by the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (p14)


Briefs (p15-16)

Alberta dumps tobacco stocks

BC helps smokers quit

All provinces against Big Tobacco

Ottawa Conference

US warnings on hold

Non-Smoking Week

New pics on packs


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